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Don't waste time with inferior firms.  Missing deadlines and incorrect filings can delay you months, if not years.  Get it right the first time!

Recently get married?  Do you have an employee that you would like to sponsor or transfer to a US office?  Do your health facility need to fill nursing vacancies? 

Whatever your goals, we are here to accomplish your immigration needs.  Our firm has extensive experience representing numerous businesses and individuals throughout Chicago, the United States, and abroad.  Whether you need a work authorization, a green card, or are applying for naturalization, we can help navigate the extensive and at times confusing immigration forms and procedures.

Family-based services include:

Spouse/Fiancé K Visa

Immediate Relative Visa


Corporate-based services include:

PERM Labor Certification

EB Permanent Worker Visa

I Press and Media Visa

General immigration services include:

F Student Visa

J Exchange Visa

Diversity (Lottery) Visa

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