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F Student Visa

Are you applying to a United States college or university?  Does a family member want to come to the United States for school?  Call our office to find out how to obtain a J visa for school.

To be eligible for issuance of an F visa, you must:

1. Present a SEVIS Form I-20 issued in his or her own name by a school approved by the Service for attendance by F-1 foreign students.;

2. Possess documentary evidence of financial support in the amount indicated on the SEVIS Form I-20;

3. Maintain a full-time enrollment in a full course of study through to completion, leading to a specific educational or professional objective;

4. Submit a letter of intent that you will return to home home country after completion of the full course of study; and,

5. Be residing outside the United States when applying for the visa.

Generally, F visas are granted for the "duration of status", meaning so long as they maintain the full course of study, the issued visa is valid until completion.  Additionally, F visa holders may arrive in the United States up to thirty (30) days prior to the program start date.  

Persons holding an F visa should also be mindful that the "grace period" following completion of your program changes depending upon the nature of your departure.  If you successfully graduate, you will be given an automatic 60-day grace period to either apply for an extension of your F visa or make arrangements to return home.  If you do not graduate, but are given authorization  by the DSO to withdraw will be given a 15-day grace period.  Those who fail to maintain a full course of study or do not receive authorization to withdraw are not eligible for any additional grace period time. 

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