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Estate Planning

Don't let the courts make the decisions.  Our office will ensure your wishes are honored and your loved ones are taken care of! 

It is extremely important to put on paper what you want!  Estate planning not only informs your survivors of your final wishes, it also covers the many "what if" situations that can pop up unexpectedly. Whether you are leaving $50 or $50 million estate, it is vital to detail your most sacred desires and expectations for the moments you cannot speak for yourself or are no longer here.

It is not only important to make a final will or trust, but also to create powers of attorney to direct fiduciaries and health care providers of your intentions and your agent's authority.  ​Our firm understands how to ensure that your wishes are prioritized and respected, how to protect those dearest to you, and how to keep your assets from ending up with creditors, or worse, the State!  

Services include:

​Wills and Trusts

Land Trusts

Powers of Attorney

Probate Estate Administration

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